Charleston Catering


All quesadillas are cut into1/6ths  and served with Sriracha Cream and Black bean and Corn Salsa (minimum 5)

Chile-MarinatedChicken 12.50

Two Cheese 10.00

Grilled Steak 13.00

Chipotle-Orange Pork 12.00

Beef Barbacoa 12.00

Mexi-Fajita Veg 12.00

Classic or Meatless Chorizo 12.00


Soups & Salads

Served with accompanying dressings and serving utensils

Blacksheep House Salad
Half Pan 22.00/Full Pan 42.00

Roasted Beet Salad
Half Pan 22.00/Full Pan 42.00

Pickled Blueberry and Bacon
Half Pan 22.00/Full Pan 42.00

Sesame Wasabi Tuna
Half Pan 25.00/Full Pan 50.00

House Soup per Quart 15.00

Chips and Dips

Fresh Salsa
Choose from Fire Roasted Tomato, Pico de Gallo, Black Bean & Corn

Pint 10.00
Quart 20.00

Queso Dip

Pint 11.00
Quart 22.00


Pint 15.00
Quart 30.00

Black Sheep Wings

25 Wings –40.00(choose 1 flavor)
50 Wings –80.00(choose 2 flavors)
100 Wings – 160.00 (choose 4 flavors)

Choose from
-Sriracha Honey
-Kung Pao
-Nashville Hot
-Yazoo City BBQ
-Habanero Death Sauce
-Classic Buffalo

Served with Celery and Sesame Maple UnRanch Wings are Extra Large Jumbo Drums and Flats

Side Options

-House Black Beans
-House Sweet Slaw
-Yellow Rice
-Street Corn Potato Salad
-Korean Noodle Salad

-Pint 7.00 (Feeds4)
-Quart 14.00 (Feeds 8)
-Half Pan 35 (Feeds 16 +)
-Full Pan 70 (Feeds 32 +)

Box Lunches


Choice of Deli Wrap, or Rice & Bean Burrito, House Cookie, and Bag of Chips, and choice of Drink served in individual boxes

drink choices 12 oz Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or 16oz Water

Perfect for School Outings or large group events.

Corporate and Business Favorites

Turkey, Ham, or Roast Beef Wrap 
10 pc/$40 20 pc/$80

Cold Cut Slider Platter
20 pc/$50 40 pc/$100

Traditional or Curry Chicken Salad on Croissant
20 pc/$60 40 pc/$120

Mixed Vegetable & Cheese Platter
served with choice of Dip
(serves 20+) $37

Fruit Tray of Mixed Berries and Sliced Fruit, served with Yogurt Fruit Dip
(serves 20+) $35

Beverage Options

Iced Tea (Gallon) – 15.00

Lemonade (Gallon) – 17.50

Soda (Gallon) – 17.50

Adult Beverage tickets for House Wine, Well Mixed Drinks, or Select Bad Shepherd Beers – 7.00
(in House events only)

Dessert & Sweets

Fresh Baked Cookie Platter – (Serves 12 -15) –  24.99

Assorted Cheesecake Platter – (Serves 14) –  34.99

Chocolate Brownie Platter – (Serves 24) –  29.99

Taco Bar and Burrito Options

Taco Bar
(per person)(min 25)

One protein 11.00
Two protein 13.00
Three Protein 15.00

Served with tortillas, protein (s) Sauces, Toppings, serving utensils

Grilled Chicken
Grilled Steak
Classic Chorizo
Vegan Garbanzo Chorizo
Chipotle – Ogre Pork
Guajiro Rojo Barbacoa

Burrito Box/Bowls

$130 per 10 burrito/bowl
2 choices per 10 burrito/bowls ordered
serving utensils included
(minimum 20 please)

 Grilled Steak
Grilled Chicken
Nashville Hot Chicken
Thai Peanut
General Tso
Tofu Vegan

Nacho Bar

Our party size nachos for 10 or more. Served with ample warmed Tortilla Chips, Pico de Gallo, Sriracha Cream, Choice of Black beans, or House Chili, Queso Sauce, Pickled Jalapeños

Add Ground Ribeye $15
Add Chicken $15
Add Steak $20

Served with plated, napkins, serving utensils

Banquet and Dining Hall

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